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Divorce or separation from a spouse or partner is a stressful and deeply painful experience. The traditional approach to divorce can compound that stress because it is an inherently adversarial process that escalates conflict, drains a family’s emotional and financial resources, and generally does not result in the best outcome for either spouse or for their children. In a litigated divorce, important decisions with far reaching implications on the well-being of families are often made in court by a judge with limited time and understanding of that family’s unique needs and circumstances.

Now, you have the option to end your marriage or domestic partnership in a way that honors the dignity and unique circumstances of your family. Mediation is a collaborative, non-adversarial alternative to traditional divorce litigation. It allows you to control the outcome of your case, creating custom-made solutions to meet your family’s complex needs. Because mediation de-escalates conflict, resolutions are reached more efficiently, allowing for significant savings of time and money.

Tamarah B. Haet is a skilled family law attorney committed to helping her clients resolve their divorce and custody issues in a way that reflects their values and priorities. Tamarah’s goal is to promote communication and collaboration, guiding her clients toward solutions that are balanced and enforceable. She offers a practical and forward-looking approach, helping her clients to reach their decisions in a setting that is respectful, confidential and private.